Google Ads for Local Business

Let our experts at Funnel Digital Ads help you increase visibility without extra workload. Customize your Google Ads campaign to your needs and appear above competitors in search results without the hassle of keyword research and ad creation.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows you to create and share ads of your services (via mobile and desktop) among your target audience.

This means that your local business will appear on the search engine results page when your ideal clients are searching for services like yours through Google Search or Google Maps.


The power of artificial intelligence on search engines

Each search engine uses its algorithm, however, Google's algorithm stands out above the others in both efficiency and complexity, not to mention that it's the most used search engine in the world!

That is why we will focus on its algorithm...
Search algorithms are computer programs that search for information to give you an exact answer. In other words, it's when a user enters a search engine and types a keyword or phrase (your services), and Google gives them answers. (your sales funnel)

What does Google know about you or your ideal client

Google knows where your audience is, their browsing history, how old they are, what their gender is, and some of their tastes, based on the searches they have made in the past.

This information is normally used to show them personalized ads while they navigate different sites (Your Ads).


Google's Algorithm looking for your ideal clients

Google Ads already has an automatic auction-based system that allows advertisers to pay the lowest possible cost per conversion. Its intelligent algorithms adjust and optimize budgets every hour so that the advertiser, who is YOU. So you can obtain the highest sustained conversion rate.

They use deep learning to automate the handling and optimization of ads on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It means that, in addition to testing different audiences on each ad (up to 480 every day!) To detect which one is more likely to perform the desired action or conversion.

How search engines can generate new leads?

Google Ads gives local business owners a huge advantage by allowing them to create ads and segment their audience. Google knows the information of all its users, allowing businesses to choose who to show their ad to, ensuring those who visit their sales funnel are already interested in the services offered.

With Google Ads, leads can find businesses without businesses having to look for them. You didn't have to look for clients; With Google Ads, Leads find you!!


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Google Ads for Local Business

As one of the most efficient way to advertise, you will address only the people who are searching for the keywords you use.

Funnel Digital Ads will help you configure your campaign to reach the right people at the right time. You will bring qualified traffic to your business and you will close more sales month after month, consistently!

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